Passive Fire

All Seasons Air provides expert advise on a range of fire protection methods.

Vermiculite Fire Spray


Vermiculite spray is the most cost effective way of protecting structural steel on projects where large areas are required to be fire protected. Structures protected with Vermiculite can provide fire resistance for up to 240 minutes.

Fire Dampers


Our intumescent grilles combine air movement with fire protection. In everyday use, air can pass freely through the grilles to allow good ventilation. In a fire, the intumescent material expands, fusing the grille into a solid block that stops fire spreading.



These dampers are designed to close in emergency fire and smoke situations. They can accommodate airflow in either direction. Upon temperature elevation, the damper closes automatically to prevent the spread of fire and smoke.

Fire Collars


Collars contain intumescent materials that expand when exposed to high levels of heat, sealing the ends of melting pipes. This prevents fire and smoke traveling through piping systems into other areas.

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